Free 2021 Printable Yearly Planner Template [PDF]

Download Editable & Printable 2021 Yearly Planner with the US holidays template in word, excel PDF, and JPG format. If you want to download planner templates with other country holidays like the UK, Canada, India, or South Africa, then visit the respective country template page. Sample Free Yearly Planner Template Example Multi-purpose PDF calendars 2021 for … Read more

Sample Payment Request Letter Template | Format & Example

Request Letter For Payment: In the world of industry, making and taking payments is something that occurs every day. It is a critical aspect that needs to be bought with complete care and confidence. With so many business dealings and activities happening every day, it is necessary to deal with these money matters correctly. Also, … Read more

Sample Experience Certificate For Teacher – Format & Example

The Experience Certificate For Teacher is a formal letter to the teacher working in an educational institution who has left the organization with a good reputation. The start date and release date should be mentioned in the certificate. A teaching experience certificate is given to a teacher to certify the candidate’s experience in the organization. … Read more

Sample Character Reference Letter For Court Child Custody [PDF]

Child Custody Letter: A Character Certificate is issued to you by a government authority mainly police or by your previous institution based on your records. It is for a background check of the individual, if they have any criminal proceedings against their name or not or if an individual has any bad record in the … Read more

Character Reference Letter For Friend –Format, Sample & Example

There may be many reasons when the Character Reference Letter For Friend is needed but the two main situations when character reference letters are most needed. The first situation is legal reasons, such as a background check or for a court case. In such cases, a character reference is used to provide evidence that the … Read more